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Wednesday, 22 July 2009 06:33

[Disclosure: Please be aware that Joe Krakoviak, the founder and primary writer for West Orange Grassroots, was elected to the West Orange Town Council in November 2010 to fill an unexpired term and re-elected to a four-year term in May 2012. In November 2014, he finished second in the mayoral election.]


A group of local residents and taxpayers decided to set up this website in July 2009 as a non-partisan source of information, analysis and informed opinion about issues important to West Orange, N.J. We believe that an informed citizenry engaging in civil discussion and respectful debate will develop and support better ideas and wiser decisions related to township governance and finances. To that end, we insist on civility and will modify, correct or delete comments that we believe amount to personal attacks or that are based on incorrect information. Passion for what you think is best for the township is good and encouraged. But expressing that enthusiasm in a negative manner is not in keeping with the shared goal of improving our community. Also, please recognize that we're often dealing with the challenges of complex subjects and incomplete information. We'll make every effort to be accurate and fair, and we'll fix problems as fast as we can. We appreciate your help, constructive criticism and understanding as we strive for these goals. [This site is permanently under construction, so please bear with us. For now, you can post comments without registering first. Please be responsible and civil.]

Comments (5)
  • frank schlesinger
    I am opposed to any redevelopment--I do not think it is economic feasible and there is no guaranty for success
  • miriam s.braun
    I am most opposed to the redevelopment plan at the Edison site. I do not believe that any township should finance a private development which would leave the taxpayers with the burden of the redevelopment and all that it entails if the plans go belly=up....fail fail fail....Was all the "brownfields" cleanup
    completed to the satisfaction of the EPA and DEP? And why is the mayor so gung=ho on this project (for the past 10 years)?....I have yet to meet one individual (taxpayer) who is for this project.........
  • Rossana Ivanova  - I oppose the redevelopment plan
    I watched carefully Mayor McKeon's video on youtube and am convinced more strongly than ever before that this redevelopment project is a terrible burden on West Orange residents. We are paying among the highest property taxes in the state. Given the current economic climate and real estate market, the new development will not attract buyers and we, taxpayers, will be left responsible for paying.

    And, I'm asking, who paid for Mayor McKeon's snazzy video? Did I pay for it, with my property taxes?
  • Paul C. Corrigan  - Stronly Oppose the redevelopment
    I do not believe a word the Mayor says- According to the Mayor, he has been fighting property tax increases year after year. Now he tells us we will not have a tax increase due to this project? Yeah...Right.

    I say he is a failure and should resign. You do not fund a bond with hope. Our leaders are a disgrace and need to be replaced.
  • Raymond Helfrich  - The West Orange Watercooler (WOW!)
    Do y'all know about this hyper-local discussion forum?

    It's fully (even the moderators are) moderated (!), so it stays both "on-topic" and "civil."

    Come join (start some & continue some of) the conversations...

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